About Urban Matter - studio for architecture, urban planning and design in Amsterdam

About us

Urban Matter Partner - Alexander Chemyakin

Urban Matter is a people centred studio for urban planning, architecture and design. It is founded by Alexander Chemyakin in Amsterdam.

In this rapidly evolving world, we challenge conventional design processes. We believe that a more dynamic and flexible approach is the key to success. By method of user-centered analysis and context research, we design new architectural models for better living and working.

We take a fresh look at local and global issues and address them with tailored design solutions. Creating identity in the time of globalization, dealing with continuous city growth and exploring modern interactions of public spaces are among many drivers of our enthusiastic team.

Our Services:

In our architectural studio we do research, strategy and concept design, detailed design, technical documentation and project evaluation.

Our Business Attitude:

To better understand the objectives of a project, we consider our clients as our partners. It allows for a more interconnected and effective relation. To ensure this approach, we adopt a clear set of principles by which we perform our services.

  • Your objectives are our objectives.
  • Actively managing our business relationship with you.
    Adopting your corporate values and helping you to achieve your goals.

  • A proper beginning makes all the difference.
    Starting each project with an extensive face-to-face Start-up Session.
  • Getting to know one another on a professional level and testing first ideas.

  • Research is essential for insights.
  • Making sure our solutions getting you the best results possible.

  • The power of communication.
  • Appointing one central person in our project team to ensure continuity in our
    Sending out periodic status reports to keep you updated.

  • Evaluation is last but not least.
  • Evaluating each project together with our clients.
    Seeking to improve our service and communication, build up valuable

    Founding Partner : Alexander Chemyakin

    After working with Altoon + Porter Architects, Arn Meijs Architecten and OIII Architecten, Alexander founded Urban Matter in 2009. Born in Russia, he studied architecture both in Russia and in the Netherlands. Since 1998 he works and lives in Amsterdam. His experience includes working on mixed-use retail oriented environments around the world and residential and urban planning expertise in the Netherlands. This gives him a broad perspective on architectural development on the local and global levels. Read More on LinkedIn>

    Waterkeringweg 101
    1051NZ Amsterdam
    +31 (0) 6 146 56 641